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Scheme of Pre- Matric Scholarship for Students belonging to the Minority Communities


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Objective of the Scope


The scholarship at pre-matric level will encourage parents from minority communities to send their school going children to school, lighten their financial burden on school education and sustain their efforts to support their children to complete school education. Empowerment through education, which is one of the objectives of this scheme, has the potential to lead to Upliftment of the socio economic conditions of the minority communities



Coverage of the Scheme


The scholarship will be awarded for studies in India in a government or private school from class I to class X, including such residential Government institutes and eligible private institutes selected and notified in a transparent manner by the State Government and Union Territory Administration concerned.





Muslims, Sikhs, Christians, Buddhists and Zoroastrians (Parsis) have been notified as minority communities under Section 2 (c) of the National Commission for Minorities Act, 1992. The distribution of scholarship among the States/Union Territories will be made on the basis of population of minorities in the States/Union Territories of Census 2001.

Earmarked for girl students

30% of scholarship will be earmarked for girl students. In case sufficient number of eligible girl students are not available, then the balance earmarked scholarships may be awarded to eligible boy students.



General Eligibility Conditions


Scholarship will be awarded to the students who have secured not less than 50% marks in the previous final examination and annual income of their parents/guardian from all sources does not exceed Rs. 1 Lakh.



Mode of Selection


The scheme will be announced by the concerned State Government/Union Territory Administration well in time, by giving advertisements in the leading language newspapers and local dailies/vernacular and by using other suitable publicity media.


     •Scholarship will be available to the studentsof minority community studying in Classes I to X. The continuance ofaward will be subject to securing 50% marks in the previous examination.Maintenance allowance will be provided to hostellers and day scholars.


     •The award will be discontinued if a studentfails to secure 50% marks in the annual examination except in case ofunavoidable reasons to be certified by the Principal/competent authorityof the school and recommended by the State Government/Union TerritoryAdministration.


     •Scholarship will not be given to more than twostudents from a family.


     •Students should be regular in attendance forwhich the yardstick will be decided by the competent authority of theschool.


     •Income certificate should be onself-certification basis by way of affidavit on non-judicial stamp paperof self-employed parents/guardian and from employer for employedparents/guardian.


     •The school/institute will certify the claim ofstudent of being an outstation student not residing in hostel of theschool/institute concerned on the basis of permanent address andparents' address.


     •Migration of student from one school/instituteto another would not normally be during the course of academic yearexcept under exceptional circumstances and in the interest of student'sacademic career.


     •If a student violates school discipline or anyother terms and conditions of the scholarship, scholarship may besuspended or cancelled. The State Government/Union TerritoryAdministration can also directly cancel the award if duly satisfied ofthe reasons of violation of these regulations governing the scheme.


     •If a student is found to have obtained ascholarship by false statement, his/her scholarship will be cancelledforthwith and the amount of the scholarship paid will be recovered, atthe discretion of the concerned State Government/Union TerritoryAdministration.


     •The State Government/Union TerritoryAdministration will lay down the detailed procedure for processing andsanctioning of scholarship to eligible students.


     •Course fee/Tuition fee will be credited to theschool's/institute's bank account. Efforts will be made for transferringit electronically through the banks.


     •Maintenance allowance will be credited to thestudent's bank account. Efforts will be made for transferring itelectronically through the banks.


     •The State Government/Union TerritoryAdministration will maintain normal and records relating to the fundsreceived from the Ministry and they will be subjected to inspection bythe officers of the Ministry or any other agency designated by theMinistry.


     •The student obtaining benefits under thisscheme shall not be allowed to avail of benefits under any other schemefor this purpose.

A student shall be eligible for only onescholarship for all sources, i.e., SC/ST/OBC.


  •      •The State Governments/Union TerritoryAdministrations shall constitute a committee of the Departmentsimplementing such scholarship schemes to ensure that the student fromthe minority community, who may also belong to children of those engagedin unclean occupation and OBC do not avail scholarship from othersources for the same purpose and avail only one source.


         •The fund for distribution of scholarship insubsequent year will be released after receiving the utilizationcertificate for the previous year.


         •The scheme will be evaluated at regularintervals by the Ministry or any other agency designated by the Ministryand the cost of the evaluation will be borne by the Ministry of MinorityAffairs under the provision of the scheme.


         •The State/Union Territory shall place allrelevant details of financial and physical achievements on theirwebsite.


         •The regulations can be changed at any time atthe discretion of the Government of India.



Scholarship Amount and Duration


The scholarships will be provided for the entire course. Maintenance allowance will be given for 10 months only in an academic year.

Hostler *
Day scholar
Admissionfee from class VI to X
Rs.500/-p.a.subject to actuals.
Rs.500/-p.a. subject to actuals.
Tuitionfee from class VI to X
Rs.350/- p.m. subject to actuals.
Rs.350/- p.m. subject to actuals.
i. Maintenance allowance will be payable for a period not exceeding 10 months in an academic year. i. Class I to V

ii. Class VI to X
i. Nil

ii. Rs. 600/-p.m.
subject to actuals.
i. Rs. 100/- p.m.

ii. Rs. 100/- p.m.

* Hostellers include students who are staying in hostel of the school/institute concerned or those provided by the State Government/Union Territory Administration concerned.

Renewal of Scholarship
The scholarship, once awarded, may be renewed during next academic year of the course on the production of certificate that the student has secured 50% marks.



Total Number of Scholarships


34,00,000 scholarships were issued for the Financial year 2011-12 under the scheme of Pre-matric scholarship for students belonging to the minority communities.



Application Procedure


Click here application and complete information on the Scheme-
Advertisement comes normally: July-August every year.



Contact Address: Ministry of Minority Affairs, 11th Floor, Paryavaran Bhawan, CGO Complex, Lodhi Road, New Delhi-110003.



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